History of KAU

Formation of the Kazakh-American University as a higher educational school of international level during the period of development of Independent Kazakhstan (is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of Republic of Kazakhstan and the 20th anniversary of the Kazakh-American University)

The Kazakh-American University experiences its formation and development together with the Motherland. The 2016th was marked with solemn celebration of the 25th anniversary of proclamation of Independence of Kazakhstan. The 2017th is a year of the 20th birth of the Kazakh-American University. The University destiny is indissolubly related to unbelievable progress of Republic of Kazakhstan in all directions of development.

Every educational institution individually forms its profile and style of activity, it tries to occupy a niche at the educational market of services, pushing off from the state of external and internal educational environment and resources, and bearing the distinctive features that it possesses itself.

The idea of developing a higher school on the basis of synthesis of the programs of American and Kazakhstani institutions was proposed by Kussainov Amirlan Aidarbekovich – the founder and President of КАU.

Annually the Kazakh-American University introduces new developments of innovative character into the structure of higher education for the maintenance of educational process that meet the modern requirements of high level of education and preparation of specialists.

КАU extensively introduces new system, technological, administrative and social programs. Since 1997 the university was one of the first among the higher schools of РК that inculcated the process of division of students’ education and estimation of their knowledge. It introduced the multi-mark letter system of tutoring; the innovative system of labor payment; the usage of hand - outs (distribution of teaching material); the conception of usage of three languages in education (Kazakh, Russian and English); the universal criteria of complex estimation of language knowledge; the trilingual glossary and the defense of the diploma papers in English.

Being a young University that is gaining the experiences of its American higher school partners, even at the beginning of the 2000th, KAU created and installed the Council of the Trustees into its structure; besides, it developed the Council of customers and expert’s commission of the specialties, the Laboratory of educology and the Association of KAU graduates. It regularly conducted the   "feedback" of students on teaching the courses. This tradition is still being kept nowadays. The experience of the Kazakh-American University was taken into account at drafting of the Rules of the credit system of education that was ratified by the order of the Department of education and sciences of РК in 2005.

In an academic year КАU on the basis of its financial funds allocates money to more than 200 "Scholarships" for the gifted students from lower income families. In 1998 there was opened a School as a part of the University. And in 1999, there was founded the Almaty college of Communication at KAU. In February, 2003 Director General of UNESCO Koichiro Matsuura handed the certificate of the acceptance of School at КАУ into the body of schools of UNESCO. It should be mentioned that just 21 schools of existing 7900 ones of the RK joined the list of the schools associated by UNESCO.

Tutoring from the "0" (preparatory) to the 6th forms is held in the Kazakh and Russian languages. Starting with the 7th to the 11th forms the tutoring is held in English due to the three categories that are differentiated by the amount of the courses taught in English, following three directions: naturally-technical, economic and humanitarian.

The Almaty college of Communication at КАУ during its 86 years of tutoring brought up over 30 thousand specialists and gained a reputation of educational institution that graduates specialists of high qualification. Within the framework of experiment the Almaty College at КАУ for the first time in RK got the permission of introducing the credit system of education. The results of the teaching staff work were depicted in the manual «The Experience of introducing of the credit system of education in the Almaty College of Communication at the Kazakh-American University".

Nowadays the college director and its teaching staff share their experiences on the credit system of education at the conferences all over the republic, and at the courses of qualification advancing that are organized by the Department of education and sciences of РК.

КАU  carries out the systematic work  on realization of tasks of the state on Multilanguage usage that is directed to upgrading of language preparation of specialists with magistracy and bachelor education, and also it tends to  expansion of external academic mobility. For the last 19 years all courses at the КАU are being taught in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages equally. The University teachers willingly share their skills and methods of tutoring at the conferences and seminars.

Teachers of language disciplines of КАU and КazLАAСE under the leadership of academician А.А. Kussainov worked out and published the Linguistic complex (Kazakh, Russian and English). Unicity of the manual is defined by its pragmatic tendency and communicative needs.

Due to the principles of the Bologna Declaration, KAU in consort with the universities partners in the USA, Italy, Spain, Canada, Korea, Turkey, and Malaysia implements international educational program of double-diploma education for bachelors and undergraduates.

We provide an opportunity for students who have been trained for three years at KAU in category "A", to go on with their fourth year of studies abroad, at a foreign university. After graduation, having got a diploma of the higher school-partner, they can on their returning back to KAU pass the difference in courses and get a state diploma and bachelor's degree of the Kazakhstani standard.

Activities of KAU attract the interest of various foreign organizations working at present in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Nowadays, KAU   forged a stable relationship with international organizations (IREX, ACCELS, USIS, British Council, foreign universities, colleges, and schools). For the last 5 years, KAU stays to be the only university in the CIS that was adopted by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC & U). The Association includes more than 1,100 educational institutions, colleges and universities (American University, Eastern Connecticut State University, George Mason University, Berkeley College, Harvard University, etc.). That can be considered as a great luck for KAU to be set into the international level at such young age, because, the youngest American university partner of KAU is 127 years old. And the number of students of Connecticut University is over 70 000.

Basing on the mission of the university, for a successful entry into the world educational space and the competitiveness of graduates in the international labor market KAU actively uses the introduction of American standards into the Kazakhstani ones.  The academic load includes the courses as: English as Foreign Language, USA Economy, International Financial Management, the American government and politics.

The diploma delivery ceremony became a nice tradition at KAU. Usually this process is accompanied by the famous scholars and specialists of the country who get a pleasure to hand the students’ diplomas. Very frequent guests of the ceremony are : Kulibayev А.S. – honored chairman of the Council of Trustees of KAU, academician of the Engineering Academy of Kazakhstan and the International Engineering Academy; Kaliuly Zh., Chairman of the Council of Trustees, deputy of the Mazhlis Parlament, Chairman of the Association of Assistance of UN in RK; Zhurinov М. Zh., a member of the Council of Trustees, President of NAS of RK, Director of the Institute of директоринститута Catalyzate and и Electrochemistry, Doctor of Chemistry; Nodirov Н.К., Vice president and academician of  NAS of RK, Doctor of Chemistry, a laureate of state prize of RK; Kassymov G. E.,  a member of the Council of Trustees, Deputy of the Senate Parliament of RK and others.

KAU as a part of the body of  IEC (International Educational Corporation), due to the rating of republic agencies occupies rather stable position. And this state is gaining every passing year. In 2016 KAU got the 15th position according to the general rating of the multi-profile universities. The specialty of “Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunication” – gained the 7th position and the specialty of “International Relations” – the 8th one.  

So we can definitely confirm you that there exists a dynamically developing university in the territory of Kazakhstan. And this University meets all the five international specifications: it has a campus, computer and laboratory basis, high qualified teaching staff, modern outlines and programs and international partner links.