History of the Library began with the opening in 1997 of the Kazakh-American University on the basis of the merger of the collections of libraries of Almaty College of Communication.

The main purpose of the library: promoting the competitiveness of the university in the education market, library and information support of educational and research processes, saving the library collection and scientific heritage for future generations of high school, increase of information culture of library users.

Rich universal fund has 210 586 items, including more than 10 573 thousand. - In the state language this book, thesis, dissertation, CD-media audio-video tapes, periodicals. The library has a huge information potential in the field of journalism and international relations. There are very rare editions. Constantly being planned acquisition fund for all specialties of the university. In the library annually pouring periodicals - up to 67 sets of more than 54 newspapers and journals. The library fund complies with the requirements of training in the profile of the university.

Implementation of an automated information-library system "KABIS" allowed the use of new information technologies in libraries. Created an electronic catalog and electronic filing, allows the reader to the library in a few minutes to find the necessary information about the book, pick up literature on the subject. The library contains reference and search engines "Law", "Lawyer", the electronic information-reference database of regulatory documents (building codes, and so on. D.). Readers have free access to the Internet with 12 computers, provides services. The collection of electronic hall on electronic media presents the texts of textbooks, teaching aids provided as required in the training modules working curricula and educational software and online tutorials are designed to develop the knowledge interactively.

A sufficiently high level of automation, constantly increasing computing power and the development of Internet technologies have allowed the library intensively expand work on the creation of electronic resources, including their own digital libraries, which we created in 2009, and since 2010 have the opportunity to make full texts in itself electronic catalog.

The areas occupied by the library is 700 square meters. It has been recently renovated and refurbished rooms equipped with modern furniture and appliances.

Library service of readers is organized on a subscription and 2 reading rooms.

The system of various forms of service of great importance takes reference and bibliographic and information work. Bibliographic library work is in several areas: drafting of bibliographic card indexes and bibliographies, the issuance of bibliographic information, information work, promotion of bibliographic knowledge.

For wider acquaintance with his foundation library holds "Information Days", "Days graduate", thematic views of literature, organizes exhibitions of literature.

The team of library   has 5 librarians. Team has a weight in the public library of the city, makes the case in favor of professional and spiritual education of university students.

The library is a member of the Library Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of the Library Association of University Libraries, takes part in international and regional conferences, seminars and meetings.

The library is a center for the dissemination of knowledge, spiritual and intellectual communication and culture. Work library is aimed at solving problems on the formation of a fully developed personality of students, assisting in the training of skilled and sought after in the labor market specialists and scientific personnel.